Connect with nature

Consolidate cultural knowledge
and wisdom traditions

The purpose of the Center is to introduce people to the connection with nature, and to consolidate cultural knowledge and wisdom traditions.

The center organizes camps, courses and events, all related to comprehensive well-being. We organize and offer dancing, singing, painting and various themed retreats, yoga and gymnastics.

The sauna warms up, worries evaporate and a new, bathing you in an immersive strengthening energy

Our Center

The center has indoor accommodation for 18 people, in Päivölä's four rooms: Tulen Väet 3-person room, Ilman Väet 4-person room, Metsän Väet 5-person room and Veden Väet 6-person room. There is also a hall in Päivölä, which can accommodate about 30 people to eat, do crafts, etc. There is also a large-scale kitchen with convection oven, stove and dishwasher, as well as dishes for 30 people Two indoor toilets and four outdoor toilets in Päivölä.

The center's facilities can also be rented for course activities and events.

The pavilion, which is only for summer use, has a hall of about 80 m2 and two smaller rooms. A great space for dance and art. In the pavilion, only the outdoor toilet. A sauna that can fit 10 people to soak at once. The space is multi-purpose and allows you to be outside and to have a dialogue with nature. The plot also has its own pond and a quiet location, so the rush and everyday hustle and bustle easily fade away.

You can row or borrow a canoe on the lake. Anyone with a open heart and a desire to develop their own well-being is welcome to the center to borrow a canoe on the lake. Anyone with a good heart and a desire to develop their own well-being is welcome to the center

The events are agnosic regarding politics and religion. We welcome people from the entire spectrum of life.

We have also familiarized ourselves with the wisdom of many different indigenous peoples and draw our courses and events with a lot of ancient knowledge.

Silence in itself is an important asset for each of us. In the Center of New Fire, this silence is easily encountered, calming down in the lap of nature.

Uuiden Tule Center is the former Herttoniemi parish camp center. The space has been empty for four years, during which time nature has taken over the garden and the paths. Virko and Gitta have been clearing and cleaning places here since spring 2022, with the help of wonderful friends.

We have also renovated the old camp house, which was named Päivölä.

The plot of the place is large and promotes movement and relaxation in nature. Myllykallion rises steeply from Tytylamme. There are wonderful views of the surroundings from the rock. Myllykallio got its name from the mill that operated here at the end of the 19th century. Now there is a sauna on the site of the mill, and what remains is the ditch dug by the miller, as well as a dam pond with small waterfalls. The Center of New Fire is also culturally significant. Stone Age ax blades have been found here. Elias Lönnrot's father's father's house has also been on the plot. The farm's spring well is named after the man called Mustapää Mati. From this source, Elias Lönnrot has taken water with him home and on his travels, because he has found the water to be very healing and clean. It is about two kilometers to Elias Lönnrot's retirement home, through the forest, and about four kilometers to the house where I was born.

Elias Lönnrot's tradition shines throughout Sammat and there is a lot to see and experience here.

There are still two buildings on the plot protected by the Finnish Museum Agency.
The second is the Lindroos farm, which needs urgent renovation. The other is an old smoker.

The location of the new Tule Center is ideal. From here it is about 4 km to the Turku-Helsinki highway. An hour to Turku and an hour to Helsinki. The beach restaurant Lahnajärvi is also four kilometers away and offers delicious food, entertainment, and the nearest bus stop.