When you want unforgettable experiences

Drum construction course that includes the materials to create and construct your own individual drum

The manufacture of a ring drum starts with a ready-made birch plywood ring. Reindeer skin is stretched over the top, which can be dyed with the colors you like. Only natural substances are used for coloring, e.g. water stain.

It takes at least 8 hours to make a drum. The course price includes all the materials needed to make the drum, and guidance.

The course is organized for 1-6 people.

Welcome to make your own ring drum, which will accompany you throughout your life, bringing memories of womb power, your own roots and the wisdom of our ancestors.

With the help of a drum, you can meditate, connect with Mother Earth, calm down with the power of your own rhythm.

Price 244 euros/person including tax Uuden Tulen Keskus. You can also order a drum as a gift for yourself or a friend.

The drum is made according to your wishes. Virko will lead and guide you to the inner secrets of the drums.


If You are seeking to add new dimensions and mystical experiences in your life. Come to the drum circle with me.

I hold circles at home or in the lap of nature. Or I'll come to an agreed place together. Drumming in a circle brings a strong sense of community that you feel in every cell of your body, heart and soul.

Sitting hand in hand in the circle and talking about all the things that weigh on your mind frees your mind and body to cope with everyday life and the challenges it brings.

Drumming with a ring drum brings light and peace of mind into your life, and may even take you to the edge of deep connction and rebirth.

When you join the drum circle, you don't have to have your own drum. I can lend it to you - Virko.

This event is always alcohol-free and lasts for the agreed time, at least one hour. Price 25 euros/person.