It all started with a dream, a small seed that burst into life in September 2021. Gitta and Virko founded the Uuden Tulen Center in Sammatti. The wonderful, scenic, old camp center is slowly waking up from its five-year sleep and brings again the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments together.


A room that transforms into many things. Yoga, dance, shows. The hall is 75 square meters and it is good to hold a painting course in natural light. There is a screen in the space for holding the lecture.

Majoitustilat in Päivölä house

Ilman Väet

Ilman Väet (the people of Air) room for four people. There are 3 beds in the Tulen Väet ( the people of Fire), 5 beds in Maan Väet ( the people of Earth) and 6 beds in the room of Veden Väet ( the people of Water)