Gitta Olenius b. 1953
Tmi Birgitta Pollari, psychotherapist, work supervisor ly 1364919-1

Crisis and trauma Psychotherapist
private practice since 2003
Work counselor
Psychiatric nurse
Mental health nurse
Classical Homeopath
NLP master practitioner
Vital Development facilitator

(contact, dance, movement)
Chinese medical expert, acupuncturist
Hypnosis courses

Spirituality has been the basis
for everything in my life

In the 70s, I completed 3 years of studies at the
general line of the Education Center of the University of Applied Sciences, but instead of pursuing a career as an artist, I transferred my passion for creating to working with children
and training in the nursing field .

From 1970–1976 i worked several summers in various
construction canteens as a kitchen assistant,

From 1976–1987. I worked

as a secretary for the city of Espoo

Additionally I have expereince as an Administrative director

of the Finnish Classical School of Homeopathy.

Mental health nurse and psychiatric nurse

at HYKS and the city of Espoo 1987–2007.

Psychotherapist, work supervisor and private entrepreneur, first

part-time from 2003-2007 and then as a full-time
entrepreneur from 2007 onwards.

I have provided job guidance to both individuals

and communities since 1996.

I have served on the boards of various associations,

such as the Emdr association, and the Advisory Board of Alternative Medicine.

I have been involved in the operation of Four Winds

tuki ry since 1997 and on the board for 7 years,

I have participated in and facilitated in the organization

of cultural events and camps and as an organizer of
workshops related to various themes.

Spirituality has been the basis for everything in my life

I have observed my growth as a person through the

years with joy and gentle mindful compassion.

It's never too late to learn something new

has been my lifelong motto.

The need to learn about myself and others and my

curiosity has increased my understanding.

At our core, we all have

the need to be loved,

as well as to practice self acceptptance and the
acceptance of each other, as well as to contribute to spreading
goodness in the world.

Community spirit, where everyone benefits

personally, is very important .

Uuden Tulen Keskus Oy is the

result of our long-term vision.

Uuden Tulen Keskus Oy is a center where you can

hold many types of events and courses that are
in line with your own personlly held values.

Our center is here to facilitate people from varied

fields of experience, knowledge and cultures.